Thursday, 28 March 2013

IPS Desto Cup Adapts to Frozen Ready Meals Market


Award winning IPS (Intelligent Packaging Solutions) has recently launched its new “Desto” cup, an innovative frozen ready meal packaging format. The company has already secured a contract to manufacture and supply packaging for an own label frozen ready meal range, which are available in stores across the UK.  

Although the pack was successfully launched into the chilled ready meal market last year, it is the first time that the Desto cup has been used for frozen ready meals.

The Desto cup is a combination of a lightweight, clear plastic inlet made from polypropylene making it suitable for hot fill, freezing and microwave and a paperboard wrap around sleeve which provides insulation and decoration. Unlike most ready meal formats, the Desto cup can be taken from the freezer, placed into the microwave with no consumer prep, heated and consumed directly from the pack.

A very competitive alternative to the packaging solutions currently available in the market, the pack has also been designed to reduce its environmental impact as it 66% lighter compared with conventional, injection mould pack formats, meaning less waste to dispose of.  The paperboard sleeve is from renewable resources and both the pot and sleeve are easily separated for onward recycling. 

Gerard Connolly, Sales and Marketing Manager at IPS, said:
“The Desto cup meets the demands from retailers and consumers alike for lightweight, recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging in a format that’s convenient and easy to use, whilst the paperboard sleeve provides both strength and decoration with excellent design potential for strong shelf appeal within the freezer section.”

“Consumers are once again looking for a solution to meet the demands of hectic lifestyles and we are confident that the pack will revolutionise the way they think about frozen ready meals.   We are proud to be a leader in packaging solutions and will continue to develop innovative and intelligent solutions that meet both the consumers and retailer’s needs.”  

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