Monday, 1 July 2013


IPS (Intelligent Packaging Solutions) has recently launched a new range of its ‘Desto Cup’, an innovative and eco-friendly packaging format for Asda’s Chosen by You Reduced Calorie frozen ready meal range.

Offering a sustainable solution, this greener alternative has multiple benefits that includes the conservation of natural resources and reduction of waste that ultimately leads to cost saving. The pack has been designed to reduce its environmental impact, with a massive 74% reduction in plastic weight through the re-packaging.  The previous packaging weighed 33g, compared to the polypropylene inlet which weighs 8.6g.  There was also a 57% decrease in the cardboard weight. The cardboard on the previous pack weighed 13.6g per pack while the cardboard on the new pack only weighs 5.9g.

After re-design
The Desto cup is a combination of a lightweight, clear plastic inlet made from polypropylene making it suitable for hot fill, freezing and microwaving and an eye-catching paperboard wrap around sleeve which provides insulation and protects against hot products.  Unlike the previous packaging format, the Desto Cup can be taken from the freezer, placed into the microwave with no consumer preparation, heated and consumed directly from the pack. 

The Desto Cup meets the requirements from the retailer and consumer for an eco-friendly packaging format that is convenient and quick to prepare, without compromising on the quality of the food as it retains taste and nutritional value.  Moreover, the multiple cut out window helps to increase the product visibility, whatever its position in the freezer section. The pack also has excellent design potential to convey the company’s brand messaging for strong shelf appeal, in a competitive market place.

A spokesperson from Asda explains: “The previous pack, a square tapered opaque pot was quite bulky in appearance and didn’t lend to customer quality perception due to the fact you could not see the product. Customer insight tells us that our customers want to see the quality of our frozen products.  Due to a supplier change for the range it was a good opportunity to look at the pack format and request a lighter weight tub which allowed product visibility. The rounded shape was also attractive compared to the tapered square as it appeared less bulky. The lighter weight also lent itself to our commitment as a business to reduce packaging weight where possible. So all in all, this format ticked all the boxes.

Gerard Connolly, Sales and Marketing Manager at IPS, adds:

“The Desto cup meets the demands from retailers and consumers alike for lightweight, recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging in a format that’s convenient and easy to use - providing the perfect solution for Asda’s requirements.”